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Japanese Patent JPH09225841
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To accurately polishingly remove a surplus filler filled in the repair part of a metal plate without requiring the skil of a worker.

A polishing hand tool 10 has a main body 14 and a grasp part 16. A polishing member 20 having a polishing work face 12 is attachedly fitted to a support plate 18 fixed to the bottom of the main body 14. A grasp part 16 has the first grasping element 24 attached to the main body 14 so as to be rotatable about an axial line 22 parallel to the polishing work face 12 and the second grasping element 26 formed fixedly on a pair of sides 14b extending in the longitudinal direction of the main body 14. In the case of finish-polishing, a worker lightly grasps the first grasping element 24 with two fingers of his one hand and rectilineally and reciprocatingly slides the polishing work face 12 in a direction nearly perpendicular to the axial line 22 on a polishing object surface with proper pressing force acting on the polishing work face 12. In this case, since the first grasping element 24 can rotate to the main body 14, the polishing work face 1 slides as it naturally copys the irregularity of the polishing object surface.

Yarimizu, Tamotsu
Suzuki, Atsushi
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Publication Date:
September 02, 1997
Filing Date:
February 26, 1996
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International Classes:
B24D15/02; (IPC1-7): B24D15/02
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石田 敬 (外3名)