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Japanese Patent JPH01222869
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PURPOSE: To let free curved surfaces be efficiently polished by packaging pressure fluid into a supporting member made of an elastic body for the outer surface of which a polishing section is provided, pressing the polishing section onto the surface to be polished statically with pressure, and thereby sliding the support member relatively against the surface to be polished under said condition.

CONSTITUTION: Plural numbers of abrasive clothes 2 are bonded over the outer circumferential surface of a cylindrical supporting member made of an elastic body. The supporting member 1 is closed with hard plates 5 and 4 at both its upper and lower ends, compressed air 11 is introduced into the supporting member 1 forming a closed bag shape through a plug 6 so as to let the supporting member 1 be expanded outward so that the abrasive clothes 2 are closely adhered onto the inner wall surface of the circular hole 10 of a work piece 8 statically with pressure. Then, the work piece 8 is rotated around the axial line 9, and is concurrently reciprocated relatively in the axial direction while abrasive fluid 13 is applied simultaneously onto the section to be polished. Hence, the inner wall surface of the circular hole 10 is polished under the polishing pressure caused by the expansion of the supporting member wherein the supporting member 1 is extended and/or contracted depending on the folds of the surface to be worked so as to be polished uniformly.

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September 06, 1989
Filing Date:
February 29, 1988
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B24B5/40; B24B37/00; B24D99/00; (IPC1-7): B24B5/40; B24B37/00; B24D17/00