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Japanese Patent JP2010288248
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To provide a portable device capable of individually setting a range where sliding is assisted, for every slide direction in the sliding type portable device, wherein sliding is assisted.

The portable device includes its body section 10; a display section 20; a biasing member 50; and a slider 40 which is secured to a side of the display section 20, slidably connected to the body section 10, and pushed by the biasing member 50. In the slider 40, switching members 60a, 60b are fixed. The switching member 60a includes a pushed portion 61a pushed by the biasing member 50, when sliding from a beginning P1 of a sliding range to an end P2 of the sliding range; and a pushed portion 62a, pushed by the biasing member 50 when sliding from the end P2 to the beginning P1. With movement of a pushed position on the pushed portions 61a, 62a, a direction of pushing the slider 40 with the biasing member 50 is switched from the beginning P1 side to the end P2 side.

Onda, Nobuhiko
Nagamine, Tomoyuki
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Publication Date:
December 24, 2010
Filing Date:
September 16, 2009
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International Classes:
H04M1/02; F16H53/06; H04M1/12
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片山 修平