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Japanese Patent JP2011112626
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To provide a portable meter-reading device constituted to be usable for leak inspection not requiring a professional technique, capable of performing accurate meter-reading by avoiding manual input in meter-reading of water service or the like, performing both meter-reading and leak inspection in the same opportunity, avoiding waste of expenses, performing accurate and efficient meter-reading and leak inspection, and discovering early water leak or the like.

This portable meter-reading device which is a meter-reading device for reading a meter device for meter-reading including an identification code near the meter include: an imaging part for imaging a meter-reading image storing the identification code and a meter value in one screen; a holding part for holding the meter-reading image; a billing object output part for operating a billing object from the identification code of the held meter-reading image, and outputting the result; a meter-reading value calculation part for operating a meter-reading value from the held meter-reading image; and a result information output part for outputting result information in which the billing object operated from the same meter-reading image is associated with the meter-reading value.

Hanzawa, Hiroyuki
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Publication Date:
June 09, 2011
Filing Date:
November 30, 2009
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G01D4/00; G01F1/00; G01F3/22; G01F15/06; G01M3/24; G01M3/38; G08C15/00; G08C19/36
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工藤 一郎