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Japanese Patent JP2014073348
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To provide a shoehorn that allows an elderly person having difficulties in bending forward to easily wear soft material shoes such as sneakers.

A portable shoehorn 1 includes a main body part 2 formed of a wire rod having high rigidity and a grip support part 3. The main body part is formed by: processing a string of the wire rod into left and right parallel portions with a predetermined space provided therebetween; forming a back end side as a grip part 4; and sharply bending a tip end side of the main body part to form a hook part 5 having a curved surface of a required radius. With this configuration, not only being portable with the slim shape and light weight, the shoehorn can be stably held (gripped) on the main body part and the support part thereof, and further, by pulling the hook part provided at the tip end side of the shoehorn after hooking the same on a heel of a shoe, the heel can be kept in a standing state and the opening part of the shoe is kept widely open, and also, the bent portion made when forming the hook part is processed into a curved surface 6, making wearing operation easy. This allows an elderly person to easily wear soft material shoes such as sneakers.

Otsu, Minoru
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April 24, 2014
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October 05, 2012
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