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Japanese Patent JP2008010523
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To provide a portable terminal device wherein antenna performance and electromagnetic shield performance can be established at the same time.

In the portable terminal device 1, an electromagnetic shield case 7 is divided into a first case 7a which houses a specified circuit body 5 and has one open face, and a second case 7b which is externally engaged with the first case 7a in a manner to cover the one face thereof. A convex 7d is formed on the outer peripheral side face 7c of the first case 7a, and a hole 7f is formed on the inner peripheral side face 7e of the second case 7b. While the second case 7b is externally engaged with the first case 7a, the convex 7d is engaged with the hole 7f. The first and second cases 7a and 7b are pressed from their both sides by an enclosure 3, thus press-fitting a part of the outer peripheral side face 7g of the convex 7d to a part of the inner peripheral side face 7s of the hole 7f. Thus, electrical contact can be ensured between the first case 7a and the second case 7b.

Maeda, Kenichi
Sakashita, Yuichi
Murakami, Satoru
Kamiuma, Koukei
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Publication Date:
January 17, 2008
Filing Date:
June 28, 2006
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International Classes:
H05K9/00; H01Q1/24; H01Q17/00; H04M1/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
吉田 茂明
吉竹 英俊
有田 貴弘