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Japanese Patent JPH0775726
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PURPOSE: To eliminate the waiting time or loss of time of powder to increase manufacturing capacity and productivity by installing conveying adjustment tanks each consisting of a set of plural buffer tanks at proper places in the process of conveyance.

CONSTITUTION: In a mixing device 1, a mixer 3 provided with a gate 3a is installed below a service tank 2 provided with a level meter 2a and a gate 2b, and further a receiving hopper 4 provided with a level meter 4 is installed below the mixer 3. A storage device 18 consists of a set of plural storage tanks 19a-19c above which a distributor 20 is installed. A conveying device 5 which the arbitrary number of chain conveyors 6, 8, 9, 15, 17 and bucket conveyors 7, 16 are put together to form is installed between the mixing device 1 and the storage device 18. And conveying adjustment tanks 10a, 10b are installed at one or more proper places in mid-way of the conveying device 5. The conveying adjustment tanks 10a, 10b each consists of a set of several buffer tanks 11a-11d provided with level meters 12a-12d and slide dampers 13a-13d, and which are provided with switching dampers 14a, 14b in the upper parts respectively.

Yamamoto, Kunio
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Publication Date:
March 20, 1995
Filing Date:
January 24, 1992
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A23N17/00; B01F3/18; B01F15/02; B65G47/44; B65G65/40; (IPC1-7): B01F3/18; A23N17/00; B01F15/02; B65G47/44; B65G65/40
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大島 陽一 (外1名)