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Japanese Patent JPH03139464
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PURPOSE: To simplify a controller assembly and suppress the occurrence of noise by forming an outer region of a second sealing seat into a taper shape in the direction of a poppet valve member and extending it onto a passage and an air guide face at the time of operation.

CONSTITUTION: A valve piston 10 has a shape extending an outer region in the radial direction of a sealing seat 19 to the outside of radial direction and inclined in a taper shape in the direction of a poppet valve member 7. When the valve piston 10 in a control housing 11 is operated by a control valve 9, that is, the valve piston 10 moves to the left, an air sealing guide face is arranged in a region of a port of a passage 25. Accordignly, it is arranged in opposition to the radial direction for the passage 25. Consequently, outside air is smoothly guided to the outside toward the direction of the passage 25 when air passes an operation chamber 3, and this air stream flows at a high speed in the control housing 11 without causing large turbulent flow and flows into the operation chamber.

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Lind, Klaus
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Publication Date:
June 13, 1991
Filing Date:
October 18, 1990
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International Classes:
B60T13/52; B60T13/57; F15B7/08; F15B9/12; (IPC1-7): B60T13/57