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Japanese Patent JPH10164840
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To enhance the efficiency of the electric power of a monitor with power consumption suppressed by a method wherein a power-factor correction circuit which cuts an operating power supply to be supplied to a controller at a switching power- supply circuit is installed according to a power-saving-function suppression circuit which responds to a power-saving signal in a power-saving mode.

When an AC power supply is applied to a power-supply apparatus, it is changed into a DC power supply by a rectifying circuit 10. The DC power supply is input to a power-factor correction circuit 50, and it is voltage-divided by first voltage-dividing resistor R7, R8 so as to be supplied to a multiplier at a power-factor correction controller 51. In addition, the initial driving current of the power-factor correction controller 51 is supplied through a resistor R9. Then, the power-factor correction controller 51 switches and controls a switching transistor Q3 at a switch means. On the other hand, when a power-saving signal is input to a switching transistor Q2 at a power-saving-function control circuit 30, the error amplifier output of the power-factor correction controller 51 is grounded, and the switching transistor Q3 is turned off so as to be maintained. Then, a mode power-supply circuit 40 is operated, and a power-saving mode is set.

Cho, Shoshu
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June 19, 1998
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November 12, 1997
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G06F1/26; G06F1/32; G09G1/00; H02M1/42; H02M3/155; H02M3/28; H02M7/12; H02M7/217; H04N5/63; (IPC1-7): H02M3/28; G06F1/26; G06F1/32; G09G1/00; H02M3/155; H02M7/217; H04N5/63
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高月 猛