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Japanese Patent JPH0446554
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PURPOSE: To develop the proliferation of a novel energy generation set remarkably by preferentially supplying load with AC converted from DC power when voltage on the DC power side is higher than a predetermined value, or else connecting an AC source to the load when the voltage of the DC power is below the predetermined value.

CONSTITUTION: A frequency detector 7 detecting the frequency of a system 5 (100V) is installed, the result of the detection is input to the switching mechanism 2a of an inverter 2, and the switching operation is tuned with the frequency of the system 5. The result of the detection of the voltage detector 6 of the system 5 is input to an AVR (an automatic voltage controller), and AC voltage regulated by a wave regulator 3 is tuned with the voltage of the system 5. The voltage and the frequency are input to an automatic synchronizer 10 while being monitored by a voltage detector 8 and a frequency detector 9, and load 11 supplied with electric power. When the voltage of a battery 1 higher than a predetermined value, load is fed preferentially with AC converted from DC power. When the battery voltage becomes below the predetermined value, on the other hand the load is powered by the system 5.

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February 17, 1992
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June 11, 1990
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H02M1/10; (IPC1-7): H02M1/10

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