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Japanese Patent JPH07324053
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PURPOSE: To readily obtain the subject compound with high purity in high yield in high bulk density and high in yield when the introduction of gaseous chlorine has ended by the action of chlorine gas and concentrated hydrochloric acid on hydroquinone by a specific method.

CONSTITUTION: A part of hydroquinone as a raw material, preferably 45-55% of hydroquinone to be used is introduced into hydrochloric acid (preferably an aqueous hydrochloric acid having 31% concentration) containing a catalytically effective amount of iron (III) ions and an anionic dispersant, then chlorine gas is introduced into the solution at 20-107°C and reacted. Next, the residual quantity of hydroquinone as solid or as a solution is added to the reaction system and the temperature is raised to 80-107°C while continuing introduction of gaseous chlorine. Then, after the introduction of gaseous chlorine has ended, a high-boiling organic solvent which is not miscible with hydrochloric acid (preferably xylene, toluene, etc.), is added. Subsequently, the reaction mixture is subjected to a thermal post-treatment to obtain the objective compound. Preferably, the thermal post-treatment is performed at 90-100°C under atmospheric pressure.

Arndt, Otto
Tronich, Wolfgang
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Publication Date:
December 12, 1995
Filing Date:
February 23, 1995
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B01J27/128; C07B61/00; C07C46/00; C07C46/06; C07C50/24; (IPC1-7): C07C50/24; B01J27/128; C07C46/00; C07C46/06
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江崎 光史 (外3名)