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Japanese Patent JP3715218
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a preservation case for solid dairy products such as butter which enables the preservation of the solid dairy products in a relatively large block form by subdividing the products simply and easily into small blocks of a specified weight such as 5g each before the preservation thereof and the consumption thereof in the number of small blocks to meet needs after preservation.
SOLUTION: In the preservation case which has a housing chamber for the solid dairy products formed inside by detachably fitting an upper case body into a lower case body thereof, a mid underlay member supporting the solid dairy products inside the housing chamber is mounted in the lower case body made free to take out. The mid underlay member on a shelf board supporting the solid dairy products has a rib-like marker, arranged protruding on at least one flat surface of both surface and rear thereof extending in a lattice thereover at a shelf board portion supporting the solid dairy products. A groove is carved into the surface of the solid dairy products corresponding to the marker by pressing the flat surface onto the surface of the solid dairy products. A guide line for the subdivision of the solid dairy products can be formed with the groove.

Konoike, Ryoichi
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Publication Date:
September 02, 2005
Filing Date:
June 12, 2001
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A47G19/26; A23C15/00; A23L1/00; B65D81/18; B65D85/74; (IPC1-7): A47G19/26; B65D85/74
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中野 収二