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Japanese Patent JPS61266133
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PURPOSE: To perform a cutting and punching in one stage and to reduce the work man-hour and press die cost by performing a punching by cutting the end edge of a work by advancing in order the first and second passive cams provided on the lower die by the first and second active cams fixed to the upper die by descending the upper die.

CONSTITUTION: The first passive cam 5 is advanced with the rear face of the first active cam 18 coming into contact with the front face of a backup member 10 and with the taper face 19 of the first active cam 18 coming into contact with the taper face 8 of the first passive cam 5 when the upper die 16 is descended. The end edge W1 of a work W is cut by a mobile cutting blade 7 and stationary cutting blade 3 then. In this case the first active cam 18 fits into between the rear face 9 of the first passive cam 5 and the front face of the backup member 10 and locks the first passive cam 5 at the advance position. The work W is subjected to a punching by a punch 13 and punched hole 4 by descending the upper die 16 further and by advancing the second passive cam 11 with the contact of the second active cam 21 with the taper face 14 of the second passive cam 11.

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Publication Date:
November 25, 1986
Filing Date:
May 22, 1985
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B21D28/00; B21D28/34; B23D31/00; B26D9/00; (IPC1-7): B21D28/00; B21D28/34; B23D31/00; B26D9/00
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