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Japanese Patent JPH0716283
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PURPOSE: To concurrently apply a finger-pressure therapy to a plurality of separated effective spots by providing a pressure treatment instrument with two treatment sections having a projection on the forward end surface thereof, and a housing section capable of storing the treating sections via both ends.

CONSTITUTION: A pair of pressing treatment sections 11 are fitted to both ends of an open-ended housing section 21 having U-shaped cross section, so as to be capable of entering and exiting the section 21, thereby constituting a pressing treatment instrument. Each section 11 has a handle 12 at the base end to be held by a user, and a projected section 13 having a plurality (for example, four) of projections 14 and vertically reciprocated with a motor, a cam or the like is integrated with the other end opposite to the handle 12. For the use of this treatment instrument, for example, for concurrently treating a plurality of effective spots found at intervals like an effective spot at both sides of the backbone, the sections 11 are moved to the ends of the housing section 21 and the gap of the projections 14 on each section 11 is thereby adjusted. Then, each projection 14 is kept in contact with the effective spots for treatment.

Sato, Fumiaki
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Publication Date:
January 20, 1995
Filing Date:
June 29, 1993
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A61H39/04; (IPC1-7): A61H39/04
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安原 正之 (外1名)