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Japanese Patent JPH0642447
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PURPOSE: To reduce operation power and improve pump capability by providing at least a container for storing a fluid and a piston-cylinder type pump pivotably mounted thereto, and arranging means for actuating the pump by swinging a lever or the like.

CONSTITUTION: A pump 10 for sending a fluid under pressure into a fluid system for testing leakage or the like comprises a container 12 for storing a sent-out fluid, and a piston-cylinder type pump 15 actuated by a lever 16. The lever 16 swings about a lever pivot axis 138. Furthermore, the piston-cylinder type pump 14 is mounted to the container 12 in the manner that it can pivot about a pivoting axis 68. In addition, an end of a piston rod 56 is coupled to the lever 16 in the manner that it can pivot about a pivot axis 146. Then, a discharge capacity becomes larger when lever 16 is swung greatly. On the other hand, the discharge capacity becomes smaller while a discharge pressure becomes higher when the lever 16 is swung slightly near a terminal of a discharge stroke.

Beelen, Valere H. J.
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Publication Date:
February 15, 1994
Filing Date:
March 29, 1993
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F04B3/00; F04B9/14; F04B13/00; F04B19/02; F04B23/02; (IPC1-7): F04B3/00; F04B13/00
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明石 昌毅

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