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Japanese Patent JP3519654
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a pressurizing centrifugal pump allowed to set both a flow rate and flow pressure high as requested, manufactuable with simple and low-cost constitution and miniaturizable.
SOLUTION: This pressurizing centrifugal pump 1 is so constituted that an impeller 3 with a plurality of blades 31 radially formed, is rotated in a drum-like case 2 having a suction port 20 and a delivery port 21, to suck a fluid from the suction port 20 and to deliver the fluid from the delivery port 21. In this case, a partition wall 60 is installed at the center part of the impeller 3 in the case 2, and a pressure chamber 6 communicating with the suction port 20 and the delivery port 21 through the impeller 3 is provided around the partition wall 60. The pressure chamber 6 is formed of a suction chamber 61 for accelerating the suction of the fluid from the suction port 20 side, and a compression chamber 62 communicating with the suction chamber 61 and pressurizing the fluid.

Yonehara, Ryoichi
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Publication Date:
April 19, 2004
Filing Date:
December 03, 1999
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F04D5/00; F04D23/00; F04D29/28; F04D29/44; F04D29/46; (IPC1-7): F04D29/44; F04D5/00; F04D23/00; F04D29/28; F04D29/46
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河野 誠