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Japanese Patent JPS59196616
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PURPOSE: To obtain a BPF having a pass band of 60∼72MHz on a dielectric board by decreasing an inductance of a coil through the impedance conversion, converting the circuit into a circuit having lots of capacitors and using the plane circuit.

CONSTITUTION: The impedance conversion is attained by providing a tap B' to a coil L1, and the circuit including capacitors and an ideal transformer required for the conversion is converted B into a π circuit comprising capacitors Ca∼Cc by means of the Norton conversion. Then, this conversion B is attained by the plane circuit. That is, the coil is made spiral so as to have an inductance and the capacitor is formed by a plane electrode and a distributed capacitance of coil pattern. Coils 11, 13 are formed by the pattern of L1 and coils 10, 12 have a pattern of L4. Then, the capacitor Cb is formed by the distributed capacitance of plane electrodes 26a, 26b. A capacitor C4 is formed between patterns 28a and 28b. A capacitor C1 is formed equivalently between patterns 27a and 27b, between patterns 31a and 31b, or the like. The short amount of coils is formed by patterns 8, 9 on the board 6.

Kawaguchi, Chihiro
Onizuka, Akira
Shoji, Fukuichi
Sakuragawa, Mitsuyoshi
Saeki, Yasuhiro
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Publication Date:
November 08, 1984
Filing Date:
April 22, 1983
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International Classes:
H03H7/01; H03H1/00; H03H5/02; (IPC1-7): H03H7/01

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