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Japanese Patent JP2003191444
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To enable ink to be replaced from the outside of a printer.

This printer is structured of an ink storage part 11 formed between an inking roll 1 and a squeeze roll 2 and a combined-use nozzle 4 for supplying and recovering ink and supplying a roll cleaning solution and recovering a waste cleaning solution, connected to an ink tank 31 and a waste solution recovery tank 5 arranged outside the printer, in a switchable manner to either of the tanks 31 and 5. The ink stored in the ink tank 31 is supplied to the ink storage part 11 from a nozzle 4 through a circulation pipe 44 by pressurizing the interior of the ink tank 31. Further, the ink stored in the ink storage part 11 is recovered into the ink tank 31 by making the internal pressure of the ink tank 31 negative and the waste cleaning solution accumulated in the ink storage part 11 by cleaning the rolls 1 and 2 can be recovered into the waste recovery tank 5 from the nozzle 4 through the circulation pipe 44 by making the internal pressure of the waste recovery tank 5 negative. It is possible to replace an ink tank 31 outside the printer.

Murakawa, Ichiro
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Publication Date:
July 08, 2003
Filing Date:
December 27, 2001
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B41F31/20; B41F31/02; B41F31/08; B41F35/04; (IPC1-7): B41F31/20; B41F31/02; B41F31/08; B41F35/04
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丸山 敏之 (外3名)