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Japanese Patent JP2011133848
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To provide a printing apparatus and a printing method that produce a "block" on demand at high speed as easily as a xerographic printing apparatus and provide image quality of the same level as offset printing.

The printing apparatus using a rewritable block includes: a photoreceptor drum which becomes a block forming body that forms the rewritable block; a developer which becomes a convex part forming means that forms a convex part by selectively attaching an ink-repelling particle to a part where a latent image is formed on a surface of the photoreceptor drum; an ink roller which becomes a recording material supplying means that supplies ink of a recording material to the surface of the photoreceptor drum; a blanket cylinder which becomes an intermediate transfer body that transfers the recording material supplied to the surface of the photoreceptor drum; an impression cylinder which becomes a pressing means that performs pressing when the recording material on the surface of the blanket cylinder is transferred to a paper which becomes a recording medium; and a carrying means that carries the paper, and a surface of the ink-repelling particle has property that repels the recording material, and the surface of the photoreceptor drum has property that does not repel the recording material.

Araki, Yoshimasa
Kitagami, Koichi
Kobayashi, Motokazu
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Publication Date:
July 07, 2011
Filing Date:
August 24, 2010
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G03G13/26; B41C1/00; B41F7/02; B41M1/06
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阿部 琢磨
黒岩 創吾