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Japanese Patent JP3884279
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a printing device capable of bringing an NIP(non-impact printing) print head into close proximity with a conveying device.
SOLUTION: A conveying drum 6 having a holding device 9 and a sucking device and the NIP print head 13 which is close proximity with the conveying drum 6 are provided to the printing unit of a sheet fed rotary printer. The holding device 9 nips a paper sheet at a portion between a swingable clamp jaw 17 and a paper sheet support face. The paper sheet coming from a paper feed drum 11 is supported on the conveying drum 11 by the holding device 9 and the sucking device. At that time, the holding device 9 is projected to the outside of the outer contour 25 of the conveying drum 6. When the conveying drum 6 is rotated, a swinging arm is rotated in a direction opposite to the rotation of the conveying drum 6 around a rotary joint by a cam roller and a cam, a gear to be engaged with a sector gear is rotated, and then the clamp jaw 17 is swung to be lower than the outer contour 25. The holding device 9 moves to a portion lower than the outer contour 25 before it is opposed to the NIP print head 13.

Schaum, Frank
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Publication Date:
November 24, 2006
Filing Date:
December 14, 2001
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B41F21/05; B41J13/22; B41F7/02; B41F17/00; B41F21/00; B41F21/06; B41J2/01; B41J3/54; B65H5/12; (IPC1-7): B41J13/22; B41F7/02; B41F21/05; B41F21/06; B41J2/01; B41J3/54; B65H5/12
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宮崎 昭夫
石橋 政幸
緒方 雅昭