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Japanese Patent JPH01192565
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PURPOSE: To obtain a printing head of high efficiency without bringing about an increase in size, by a method wherein a printing wire is composed of an armature formed by a superconductive member held at its one end, a core opposed thereto, and a coil wound on the core.

CONSTITUTION: A printing head 19 is composed of an armature 18 formed by a superconductive member of which with one end a prinring wire 3 is held, a plate spring 7 of which to one end the armature 18 is fixed, a core 18 opposed to the armature 18, a yoke 17 to which the other end part of the spring member 7 is fixed with a set screw 10 and the core 13 is fixed, and a coil 16 wound on the core 13. When the coil 16 is excited on a printing signal, intensive eddy current is generated on a surface of the armature 18 opposed to the core 13, and thereby the armature 18 intensively repels the core 13 to spring up the printing wire 3 against energizing of the plate spring 7. Then, when excitation of the coil 16 is turned off, the armature 18 returns to an initial position by energizing of the plate spring 7. Therefore, efficiency is improved and besides miniaturization becomes possible.

Hayashi, Yoshitaka
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Publication Date:
August 02, 1989
Filing Date:
January 28, 1988
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B41J2/485; B41J2/26; B41J2/28; (IPC1-7): B41J3/10
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長谷川 曉司