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Japanese Patent JPS54116580
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PURPOSE:To control a controlled system containing a dead time characteristic in the optimum mode even when varying a command and even when the command is constant and the controlled system is controlled to disturbance, in a process controller suitable for the case when controlling said controlled system. CONSTITUTION:A command signal is introduced to a deviation computing circuit 12 through a command input portion filter 11, the signal is compared with the controlled variable of a controlled system process 13 at the circuit and deviation is put out. A deviation signal of the circuit 12 is sent to a control computing portion 14, and manipulated variable for manipulating the controlled system process 13 for making controlled variable coincide with the command is computed from the deviation signal. The manipulated variable is sent to a manipulating end 15 of the controlled system process 13, to which disturbance is input, and the desired controlled variable is put out. Since a command signal system is provided with the command input portion filter before deviation is put out as mentioned above, this controller can effectively attain the desired target.

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September 10, 1979
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March 01, 1978
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G05B13/00; G05B11/36; G05B13/02; (IPC1-7): G05B13/02

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