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Japanese Patent JP2019022918
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To provide a processing machine which can suppress reaction from a load caused to an operator at start-up time and braking time of an electric motor while being capable of assuring a large cutting capacity without causing an increase in the number of components.SOLUTION: A processing machine 1 can cut or mill a work-piece W by cutting the work-piece in a direction orthogonal to a last shaft 50 with a cutter 10 which is rotationally driven by an electric motor 16 and is provided on the last shaft 50. This processing machine 1 is provided with a first gear 20 which is provided on an output shaft 18 of the electric motor 16, and a second gear 42 which is provided on an intermediate shaft 40 and is engaged with the first gear 20. The last shaft 50 is provided at a lower side with respect to the intermediate shaft 40 so as to become rotatable in the same direction as the second gear 42 via linkage mechanisms 60, 70.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 4

中嶋 辰夫
▲濱▼田 健司
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February 14, 2019
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July 24, 2017
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B23D47/12; B23D45/16; B27B9/00; B28D1/04; B28D1/24
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