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Japanese Patent JPS6463528
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PURPOSE: To readily obtain the titled compound having various kind of substituent groups, by subjecting cyclohepta [b] furan-2-one derivative to heating reaction with a linear or cyclic vinyl ether derivative, vinyl ester derivative or furan derivative.

CONSTITUTION: For example, cyclohepta [b] furan-2-one derivative expressed by formula I (R2WR6 are H, halogen, aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbon, etc.) is subjected to heating reaction with e.g. linear or cyclic vinyl ether derivative vinyl ester derivative or furan derivative expressed by formulas IIWIV (R9WR13 are H, the above-mentioned hydrocarbon group and further R11WR13 are alkoxy, aryloxy, etc.; Y is the above-mentioned hydrocarbon group, formyl, acyl, etc.; n is integer of 1W6) to provide the azulene derivative useful as a raw material for medicine, etc., e.g. having various kind of substituent groups difficult to obtain in well-known method using a compound expressed by formulas VWVII (R14 is H, formula VIII, etc.) in simple treatment and one-pot from a readily available raw material.

Nozoe, Tetsuo
Okai, Harue
Wakabayashi, Hidetsugu
Ishikawa, Sumio
You, Houou
GO, Yoshiteru
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Publication Date:
March 09, 1989
Filing Date:
September 02, 1987
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