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Japanese Patent JP2000032904
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To prepare a bagel-like bread having smooth glossy crust, light soft palatability and excellent taste, homogeneous in palatability among products and also among parts of an individual product, and suitable for freezing.

A dough prepared by kneading a raw material consisting of at least wheat flour, yeast, salt and water is subjected to an initial fermentation for 10-20 min at room temperature. After divided and rounded, the dough is subjected to a middle fermentation, then treated in a gas-removing process and a forming process, and subjected to a tertiary fermentation. The product is placed in a steaming box, steamed at a temperature of ≥90°C and <100°C, and then baked. It is preferable that, when the dough is divided, the period of time from the start to the end of the dividing is less than 30 min, the kneading temperature is set at 15-20°C, the length of the middle fermentation is 20-30 min, the dividing and rounding are performed mechanically, the divided dough is mechanically formed into a bagel shape, the baked bread is frozen and/or xanthan gum is added on the kneading process from the raw material to the dough.

Nakamura, Akinori
Kosaka, Mitsuhiko
Shimizu, Toshiyuki
Kondo, Mitsuo
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Publication Date:
February 02, 2000
Filing Date:
April 27, 1999
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A21D8/00; A21D2/38; A21D15/00; (IPC1-7): A21D8/00; A21D15/00
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須藤 阿佐子