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Japanese Patent JPS61132137
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PURPOSE: To obtain an electrically processed food having improved taste inexpensively, by putting raw marine or stock raising meat ingredients containing uniformly salt, etc., in electricicity-applying packing materials, immersing the ingredients in a diluted solution having a lower salt concentration than that of the ingredients, applying electricity to the solution, and sterilizing the ingredients under heating.

CONSTITUTION: Ground raw marine animal meat ingredients or raw animal meat paste ingredients or mixed ingredients of mixture of them are blended uniformly with salt, packed and put in the electricity-applying packing members 1 such as bags, etc., consisting of a material having water permeability and electrical conductivity, having one open side. Then, the electricity-applying packing member 1 are put in the electrical insulating container 3 equipped with the electrode plates 5, ingredients A are covered with the diluted saline solution B having a lower salt concentration than that of the ingredients A. electricity is applied to the electrodes 5, an electric current is uniformly circulated to the ingredients A through the diluted saline solution B as an electricity medium, and the ingredients A are sterilized by Joule heat generated under heating, to give a packaged electrically processed food.

Miyahara, Kingo
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June 19, 1986
Filing Date:
November 29, 1984
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A23L3/32; A23B4/00; A23B4/005; A23L3/005; B65B55/06; (IPC1-7): A23B4/00; A23L3/32; B65B55/06