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Japanese Patent JPH0559635
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PURPOSE: To obtain a blanket, excellent in touch, rich in resilience or solid feeing and suitable for especially infants by subjecting a Jacquard-woven raw fabric to relaxing treatment by a tumbler method and then gigging treatment.

CONSTITUTION: The first rib parts 6 are formed by adjacently picking thick yarn 3 and fine yarn 4 among three kinds of weft yarns having different thicknesses and crossing the respective warp yarns 2 are crossed with the above-mentioned thick yarns 3 at an interval of one thick yarn so as to provide a plain textile weave 8 and affording a float textile weave 9 in which the thick yarn 3 jumps over the plural weft yarns 2 on the front side of the woven fabric. The second rib parts 7 are obtained by adjacently picking medium-thick yarn 5 and the fine yarn 4 and providing the plane textile weave 8 and the float textile weave 9 in the same manner as that described above. Thereby, a Jacquard-woven raw fabric containing the first and second rib parts 6 and 7 mixed therein is woven. The resultant raw fabric is then charged into a tumbler and repeatedly rotated. The obtained raw fabric is further subjected to wet heat relaxing treatment with steam and then gigging treatment to afford the objective blanket in which fluff due to the thick yarn 3 and fluff due to the medium- thick yarn 5 are mixed and the length and density of the fluff are delicately changed.

Hayashi, Teruhisa
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March 09, 1993
Filing Date:
August 26, 1991
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D03D25/00; (IPC1-7): D03D25/00
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岡田 英彦 (外2名)