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Japanese Patent JPH10148886
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To provide a projector constituted so that an old light source and a new light source can be easily discriminated and the exchanging work of the light source is surely executed.

A stopper pin 6 constituted of a cylindrically shaped case 9 whose one end is opened, whose other end is closed and which is obtained by forming a pawl 15 on the inside wall of a tonguelike piece 14, a pin 7 obtained by forming a recessed part 11 which can be engaged with the pawl 15 and housed in the case 9 and a coil spring 8 whose one end is locked to the spring lock part of the case 9, whose other end is locked to the spring lock part 10a of the pin 7 and which presses the pin 7 in a direction that it projects from the aperture of the case 9 is integrated at a prescribed position in a lamp holder. Then, a lamp holder insertion port is provided with a dowel for releasing the engagement of the pawl 15 and the recessed part 11. Thus, the exchanging work of the light source can be surely executed and the light source used to the limit is prevented from being erroneously used again.

Sawada, Yoshihiro
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Publication Date:
June 02, 1998
Filing Date:
November 21, 1996
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G03B21/20; (IPC1-7): G03B21/20