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Japanese Patent JPH07167045
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PURPOSE: To provide a pump for conveying fluid which is constituted to continuously convey high viscosity fluid through a pipe without the occurrence of pulsation.

CONSTITUTION: Formation of a screw 10 is such that belt vanes 14 and 16 are mutually reversely helically wound around the front and rear peripheries of an inner cylinder 12 and the screw 10 is provided to be rotated by a rotation means 20. An inflow port 18 for fluid is opened approximately to the central part of the inner cylinder 12. A piston 30 reciprocated by a moving means 40 is inserted in throughout a range of from the rear end of the inner cylinder 12 approximately to the central part of the inner cylinder 12. A screw 10 is rotatably contained and held inside an outer cylinder 50. Fluid charge ports 52 and 54 are opened to the part, corresponding to the peripheries of the front and the rear end of the screw 10, of the outer cylinder 50. A surge tank 60 communicated with the interior of the outer cylinder 50 is arranged on the periphery of approximately the central part of the outer cylinder 50.

Yamada, Nobuyoshi
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Publication Date:
July 04, 1995
Filing Date:
December 10, 1993
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International Classes:
F04B19/12; F04B1/10; F04B1/107; F04B1/113; F04B15/02; (IPC1-7): F04B19/12; F04B1/10; F04B1/107; F04B1/113; F04B15/02
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松田 宗久