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Japanese Patent JPH0861226
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To facilitate the recycling of a pump without using a metallic spring to improve the durability by allowing a lip of an exhaust valve to close an outlet orifice with respect to a center shaft so that an outlet valve member can enough withstand pressure, and to cooperate to clip thereon.

A part of a gasket 4 is formed of a valve member of an outlet valve 5. This part has a truncated conical axial valve 40, and is provided with an exhaust valve 41 partitioned by a tongue part at the upper end edge to partition off an outlet orifice. A bottom end is connected to a thin skirt or a cylindrical diaphragm 43 around a lid 32 through a ring 42 having an about U-shaped cross section. An annular flange 44 at the upper part is sealingly connected to a body 1. The gasket 4 is made of elastic member, and formed so that its skirt can be extended. Then, a center shaft 33 presses the tongue against the outlet orifice of the valve 40 to close it. A blocking collar 7 is provided at the pump to be used to mount the pump to a container, etc.

Bougamont, Jean-louis
Dumont, Pierre
Lompech, Herve
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Publication Date:
March 08, 1996
Filing Date:
August 09, 1995
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F04B19/22; B05B11/00; F04B9/14; F04B13/00; (IPC1-7): F04B9/14; F04B13/00; F04B19/22
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青山 葆 (外1名)