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Japanese Patent JPH07113729
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PURPOSE: To provide a compact spiral annular linear induction pump (HALIP) by constituting it of a magnetic core and an annular coil to demarcate an annular space to carry at least one sample of a fluid substance between it and the magnetic core.

CONSTITUTION: A pump is composed of a slender magnetic core 3 and an annular coil 5 to demarcate an annular space 7 between it and the magnetic core in the concentric relationship with the magnetic core 3. A vertical barrier 9 is composed of slender flow guide fins 11 and 13 extended to an inner peripheral surface of the coil 5 from an outer peripheral surface of the magnetic core 3. The barrier 9 is divided into two conduits 15 and 17 capable of carrying respective samples in the space 7. Vertical flow guide fins 19 and 21 are also arranged in the respective conduits 15 and 17, and a top part and a bottom part of a HALIP are respectively sealed by flanges 23 and 25, and a chamber is formed around the HALIP thereby. Sample introducing ports 27 and 29 are respectively connected to bottom parts of the conduits 15 and 17, and sample discharge ports 31 and 33 are respectively connected to top parts.

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Publication Date:
May 02, 1995
Filing Date:
September 20, 1994
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International Classes:
G01N1/10; F04C13/00; G01N1/14; G21C17/025; G21C17/04; G21C17/07; H02K44/06; (IPC1-7): G01N1/14; F04C13/00; G01N1/10; G21C17/07
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飯田 伸行