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Japanese Patent JPH11273499
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To provide a push-button switch of small size having a high durability.

A first torsion coil spring 13 is installed in such a way that the two ends are supported by one side face 12a of a bulkhead 12 and case inner surface 10b opposing to it, while a second torsion coil spring 14 is installed in such a way that its two ends are supported by the other side face 12b of a wall 12 and the inner surface 10c of case body 10 opposing to this side face 12b. That arm 13b of the first spring 13 on the side with the point of force is put in resilient contact with the pressing surface 18 of the push button 17, and under the first spring 13, the forefront 14c of the arm 14 of second spring 14 on the side with the point of force is bent into an approx. L-form so that the second spring is twisted by the first spring 13. A first conductive plate (stationary contact) 16 to contact with the first spring 13 is furnished on one-end bottom surface of the case body 10, and on the other end bottom surface 10f, a second conductive plate (stationary contact) 19 is furnished which generates electric continuity to the first conductive plate 16 with abutting of the arm 13b.

Hisanaga, Hirofumi
Tanaka, Toshiyuki
Nakamura, Tetsuya
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Publication Date:
October 08, 1999
Filing Date:
March 23, 1998
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International Classes:
H01H13/52; H01H5/14; (IPC1-7): H01H13/52; H01H5/14
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林 孝吉