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Japanese Patent JPS63296384
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PURPOSE: To protect a junction layer against fusion due to the concentration of generated heat so as to improve an element in reliability by a method wherein a flexible material is interposed between an insulating material of a heat dissipating property and a conductive material so as to press the whole surface of a ultrasonic reflecting face.

CONSTITUTION: A piezoelectric body 2 for an input transducer, which is provided on one surface of a Q switch medium 1, is mounted on a package 3, where the whole surface of a ultrasonic reflecting face opposite to the face on which the piezoelectric body 2 is mounted is pressed by a pressing material 7 formed of aluminum or the like. The piezoelectric body 2 is pressed against a ceramic plate 4 of an insulating material with a heat dissipating property, provided on a surface of the protrusion of the package 3, through intermediary of a flexible material such as an Sn plate 5 or the like and a conductive material such as a gold piece 6 or the like. By these processes, non-uniform pressing is prevented and a piezoelectric body is decreased in electric power density, and thus an element can be obtained which is able to withstand a high output power.

Kasai, Takeshi
Tanabe, Yuzuru
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Publication Date:
December 02, 1988
Filing Date:
May 28, 1987
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H01H57/00; H01S3/117; (IPC1-7): H01H57/00; H01S3/117