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Japanese Patent JP2008286557
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To provide a quantitative determination method of mercury for performing analysis in a simple and accurate fashion.

A mixture 2 containing a sample is put in a bag-shaped two-ply wafer 1. A thing made by mixing ash or soil powder and a combustion agent is used as the mixture 2. Graphite with mercury removed therefrom is used as the combustion agent. Next, the wafer 1 is longitudinally folded in two. Thereafter, the wafer 1 is folded laterally into three, and its upper portion on the order of one third is aslant cut off. The wafer 1 is put in a platinum basket 4 mounted on a ground-in stopper part 3 of a combustion flask. Also, a small amount of absorbent 6 is placed in a conical flask 5 of the combustion flask, which is further filled with oxygen. The wafer 1 is ignited and the platinum basket 4 with the wafer 1 fixed therein is inserted into the conical flask 5; the specimen 2 is burnt in the interior, to cause mercury which appears due to the burning to be absorbed by the absorbent 6. In this way, mercury is turned into a solution. Thereafter, the absorbent 6 with the mercury absorbed is analyzed.

Oki, Akira
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November 27, 2008
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May 15, 2007
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G01N31/00; G01N31/12
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國分 孝悦