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Japanese Patent JP02065884
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PURPOSE: To enhance reliability and enable courses to be changed by composing an apparatus, of a first carrier provided with a plurality of light emitting means for projecting induced light to a transparent base, and a second carrier for attracting a moving model on a running route surface positioned with the induced light from the transparent base, with a magnetic force.

CONSTITUTION: A first carrier 24 is composed to turn around a guide line formed on a bearing base 23, and is provided with reflectors 24a, 24a,... by the number of moving models 22, and to a white transparent base 25, induced light is projected on the front and rear and left and right. In a second carrier 26, a magnet is set close to a running route surface plate 21, and a magnet fitted at the lower section of the moving model 22 is attracted. Accordingly, the moving model 22 is moved on the running route surface plate 21 along with the movement of the second carrier 26. Besides, on the lower section, a plurality of light receiving elements are fitted, and the induced light is detected, and the positioning of the second carrier 26 is controlled. Besides, in the front and rear of the second carrier 26, a brush extended to the running route surface plate 21 is vertically set, and from an electrode laid on the running route surface plate 21, power is fed.

Hasegawa, Akira
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Publication Date:
March 06, 1990
Filing Date:
August 31, 1988
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A63F9/14; A63H18/14; A63F9/14; A63H18/00; (IPC1-7): A63F9/14; A63H18/14

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