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Japanese Patent JPS58191615
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PURPOSE: To achieve a greater operational stability during the cornering by arranging a ball joint in the first quadrant of the rectangular coordinate with the rear wheel center as reference as viwed from the left side of a body and rubber bushes in the fourth and the second or the third quadrants.

CONSTITUTION: When a lateral force S works on the ground contact G, as a ball joint 4 is in the first quadrant, a rotary moment is generated in the toe-in direction about the axis L, a tire 1 is displaced to toe in. When a braking force B works on the ground contact G, the tire tends to toe in and at the same time, when an engine braking force E works on the wheel center W, the tire tends to be displaced counterclockwise about the axis M and as the tire is guided to be displaced inward at the front and outward at the rear depending on the tilting direction of buffer bushes 2 and 3, likewise, the tire is caused to toe in. With respect to a driving force K, which is external force right opposite to the bracking force E, a stopper is provided on either the bush 2 or 3 to obtain a toe-in effect about the line running between the bushes and the ball joint 4.

Kijima, Takao
Maebayashi, Jiro
Ando, Fumitaka
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Publication Date:
November 08, 1983
Filing Date:
April 30, 1982
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B60G3/06; B60G3/00; B60G3/20; B60G7/00; B60G9/00; (IPC1-7): B60G3/06

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