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Japanese Patent JPH06249138
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PURPOSE: To feed chemical liquid under pressure to a nozzle due to pressure of pulsation and make injection pressure uniform by making a reciprocating member advance and retract toward a pump chamber and discharging chemical liquid from a plural number of discharge ports through a discharge valve which allows the flow of liquid only in the direction of the discharge ports.

CONSTITUTION: A crank shaft 18 is rotated due to rotation power of an engine to reciprocate a plunger 20 of each plunger pump 26 of a three-throw plunger pump 10. Thus, capacity of a pump chamber 42 is increased or decreased, and the movement toward the increase of capacity becomes a suction process. A suction valve 40 is opened, a discharge valve 54 is closed, and chemical liquid is suctioned into the pump chamber 42. Then, the movement toward the decrease of capacity of the pump chamber 42 becomes a discharge process. The suction valve 40 is closed, the discharge valve 54 is opened, and chemical liquid in the pump chamber 42 is discharged from a discharge port 52. And, liquid pressure at the discharge port 52 pulsates.

Kawaguchi, Hirosuke
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September 06, 1994
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February 25, 1993
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B05B17/00; B05B11/00; F04B9/04; F04B19/00; F04B53/10; (IPC1-7): F04B19/00; B05B17/00
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石山 博 (外1名)