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Japanese Patent JP2006102789
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To provide a reduction-casting apparatus having a compact apparatus constitution with which a reducing material can efficiently be acted to molten metal without damaging the activity of the reducing material.

In a molten metal supplying vessel 30, an activating chamber 40 for holding a metal for generating the reducing material by heating the inner part receiving the heat of molten metal 34 in the molten metal supplying vessel and reacting with reactive gas or the reducing material and a sealing mechanism 60 for openly/closely the communication with the activating chamber 40 and a cavity 20a or a flowing passage 32 of the molten metal filled up into the cavity, are arranged. The metal gas gasified in the above activating chamber, is fed into the cavity 20a from the activating chamber 40 or the flowing passage 32 communicated with the cavity by opening the sealing mechanism 60, and also, the reducing material is generated in the cavity or the flowing passage by feeding the reactive gas, or the activated reducing material by heating with the activating chamber, is fed into the cavity from the activating chamber or the flowing passage communicated with the cavity, and thus, in the case of filling up the molten metal 34 into the cavity 20a, the reduction-casting apparatus is arranged so as to be castable while reducing the oxidized film on the surface of the molten metal with the reducing material.

Ban, Keisuke
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Publication Date:
April 20, 2006
Filing Date:
October 07, 2004
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B22D27/18; B22D18/04; B22D21/04; B22D23/00; B22D39/06
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堀米 和春
綿貫 隆夫