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Japanese Patent JPH03237906
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PURPOSE: To obtain a refrigerated open display case with which the space efficiency in the store can be devisedby providing a rack base on the upper plane of the case of the main body and by supporting the case with this rack base to provide a rack above the night cover containing box.

CONSTITUTION: In the title refrigerated open display case, a rack base 15 has a L-letter cross section and is located at a place a little higher than the height of a night cover containing box 12. There is a pair of rack base that is set and fixed on the upper plane of the main body case 1. The rack 16 has rack planes 17 both on the upper and lower stages. On the lower plane of the rack plane below protuberances are provided on right and left sides so that they either contact with or comes near the inside of the rack base. In this constitution, the lower rack plane is placed on the upper end plane of the rack base 15, the rack 16 is set on the rack base 15 and above the night cover containing box 12. Thus things such as the above-mentioned buck of handbills can be stored on the rack plane 17 and can be easily put in and out. Consequently the upper space of the main body box can be effectively used and the space efficiency in the shop can be improved.

Ito, Tatsuro
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Publication Date:
October 23, 1991
Filing Date:
February 16, 1990
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A47F3/04; F25D11/00; F25D23/02; (IPC1-7): A47F3/04; F25D11/00; F25D23/02