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Japanese Patent JP2004232879
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To enhance cooling efficiency by equalizing a temperature distribution in a cooling chamber of a refrigerator-freezer to lower energy loss, improving a ventilation property in the cooling chamber independent of the quantity and disposition of an object to be cooled, and reducing heat leakage from an outside and a wall face of the cooling chamber into an inside of the cooling chamber.

In the refrigerator-freezer, cooled air cooled by a cooling device 1 is forwarded to a freezing chamber ceiling surface air passage 34 communicating with a freezing chamber 31 by a blower fan 3, and blown into the freezing chamber 31 through a propeller fan 9 provided inside a wall of a freezing chamber ceiling surface 26. The cooled air is blown into the freezing chamber 31 changing its flow direction due to blowing force of the blower fan 3 and makes airflow stirring the air in the freezing chamber. The temperature distribution generated in the freezing chamber 31 is equalized by improving the ventilation property in a cooled object storing container. A gasket and the inside of the freezing chamber are shielded with a shielding member through a space to reduce the heat leakage in the vicinity of the gasket.

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Fukuda, Susumu
Hirakuni, Satoru
Sumida, Yoshihiro
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Publication Date:
August 19, 2004
Filing Date:
January 28, 2003
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International Classes:
F25D17/08; F25D3/00; F25D25/02; (IPC1-7): F25D17/08; F25D3/00; F25D25/02
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宮田 金雄
高瀬 彌平