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Japanese Patent JPH01312357
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PURPOSE: To shorten the height of a refrigerator by a method wherein a lateral installed rotary type compressor, a lateral flow fan type blower and a surrounding air feeding duct are arranged on a bottom plate in side-by-side relation, a condensor is slantly arranged at a duct part and a coolant inlet port of the condensor is placed at the lateral flow fan side and installed to be high.

CONSTITUTION: Since an air blower 14 is of a lateral flow type fan, air can be sucked uniformly in its lateral width direction. Due to this fact, a condensor 16 to be mounted at a duct 15 may also be formed wide in a horizontal width direction. In addition, since the condensor 16 is installed at the duct 15 in an inclined state in reference to a horizontal direction, an effective area of heat exchanging operation is increased as compared with that of a horizontal installation or a vertical installation. Accordingly, it is possible to make a height of a refrigerator short while keeping a predetermined capability. A height of a device other than a lateral type rotary compressor 13 is set to have a substantially equal height of the compressor 13 or less than that height. That is, it is possible to make a height of a unit 11 of a mechanical chamber short.

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Publication Date:
December 18, 1989
Filing Date:
June 10, 1988
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F25D19/00; F25B1/00; F25D23/00; (IPC1-7): F25B1/00; F25D19/00