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Japanese Patent JP3437608
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PURPOSE: To allow a robot in a remote position to execute safe work by the simple operation of a simulator by generating a request operation direction vector whose maximum value is limited on the robot side and controlling the power of the robot in accordance with the direction vector.
CONSTITUTION: A manipulator 1 on the ground side manipulates a virtual robot on a simulator 3 through a manipulating unit 2 and the simulator 3 displays operation in a virtual environment by the virtual robot. A current virtual robot command value is sent to a working robot in space through a communication processing part 4 and the robot sends the received command value to a command value generating part 5 as an operation targe position. An operation direction vector generating part 51 in the generating part 5 multiplies a deviation between a current position and the target position by gain to calculate a temporary command vector and a maximum value control part 55 executes limiting processing so that only the size of the virtual command vector becomes less than a prescribed maximum power value to generate a command vector. A working power control processing part 6 controls the working power of a working robot 7 based upon the command vector.

Asakura, Makoto
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Publication Date:
June 06, 2003
Filing Date:
September 14, 1993
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B25J3/00; B25J9/10; G05B17/02; G05B23/02; G05B24/02; (IPC1-7): G05B24/02; B25J3/00; B25J9/10; G05B17/02; G05B23/02
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佐藤 一雄 (外3名)