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Japanese Patent JPS57146827
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PURPOSE: To make easier the coupling and removal operatins of tension members and load proofers by a method in which a coupler is inserted into a load proofer set in an anchor hole and then attracted or departed by operating an electromagnet.

CONSTITUTION: An assembly consisting of a bottomed pipe 3, a concrete pipe 4, and sheath as a load proofer is inserted into an anchor hole. Then, a groove 3a as a coupling step is formed on the inner face of the pipe 3, and a concaved portion 7a for housing purpose is formed on the circumferential part of the tip of a coupler 7 and housed with a coupling piece 8 of magnet. The coupling piece 8 is housed in the concaved portion 7a and inserted into the receiving hole 3b of the pipe 3, and then electricity is supplied to a coil 10 through a conductor 9 to generate a magnetic force. By this, the coupling piece 8 is projected from the concaved portion 7a and fitted into the groove 3a for coupling. Under the condition, tension members are tensed and fixed. In the removal of the tension members, the tension of tension members is released, a reverse current is flowed in the coil 10, and the coupling piece 8 is attracted and released from coupling.

Hosome, Koichi
Wada, Hiroshi
Saito, Yukinori
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Publication Date:
September 10, 1982
Filing Date:
March 09, 1981
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E02D5/80; (IPC1-7): E02D5/80

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