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Japanese Patent JP3162528
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PURPOSE: To effectively discharge unnecessary cured resin of a gate, etc., in a resin mold using a vertical gate.
CONSTITUTION: Molten resin is fed under pressure by a plunger 18, filled in a cavity 14, cured, the plunger 18 is then drawn from a pot 16, cured resin 26 is adhered to a pressing end face of the plunger 18, and unnecessary resin 26 is discharged. A slide plunger 22 is so provided at an outer periphery of an end of the plunger 18 as to be movable in a telescopic direction of the plunger 18. When the plunger 18 is drawn after the resin is filled, and the plunger 22 is brought into contact with a stationary member 28 disposed on the drawing position. When the plunger 18 is further moved in the drawing direction thereby to allow the plunger 22 to push the resin 26 in a protruding direction, thereby peeling to remove the resin from the plunger 18.

Yamaguchi, Tatsuyoshi
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Publication Date:
February 23, 2001
Filing Date:
February 23, 1993
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B29C45/02; B29C45/14; B29C45/53; B29C45/58; H01L21/56; B29L31/34; (IPC1-7): B29C45/02; H01L21/56
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綿貫 隆夫 (外1名)