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Japanese Patent JP2011240474
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To solve such a problem that a screwdriver which has structure in which a handle is provided on an upper part and the screwdriver is rotatable together with a cross-shaped chuck disposed below the handle when produced according to a part assembling method, has a tendency of a longer time and high cost due to a large numbers of parts, and on the contrary, even if a plurality of parts are cut out at once or manufactured by using a mold to reduce labor, the screwdriver formed of a metallic material becomes too heavy, and on the other hand, the screwdriver formed of resin becomes light in weight, however becomes insufficient in the rigidity of a joint between a screwdriver tip and a resin body.

A force which rotates a screw can be suppressed by pressing a screwdriver tip with metal screws from right and left on the joint of the screwdriver tip. Then, a force applied to the screw is received by a female screw of the resin body which is joined with the screw of the screw. By making the female screw of the resin body which is joined with the screw part of the screw long, the female screw can withstand the force of screw rotation.

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Nakamura, Akira
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December 01, 2011
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May 20, 2010
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B25B23/16; B25B15/00