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Japanese Patent JPS6451248
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PURPOSE: To smooth a clutch changeover for two gears by inserting an intermediate clutch member into space between a bevel gear on one side and an output shaft, while installing each slightly tapered guide way in this member and the bevel gear on the other, and also installing an orthogonal mounting part in a clutch key angular part at the corresponding power shaft side.

CONSTITUTION: A pair of bevel gears 40 and 45 to be engaged with a bevel gear 29 at a tip of a spindle 20 is concentrically and oppositely installed in an output shaft 30 set up at a right angle with the spindle 20 and slidably in the axial direction, while each keyway is installed in the central hole, and clutch keys 42 and 47 being projected in the radial direction are solidly formed in the output shaft 30. And, the bevel gear 40 on one side and the clutch key 42 are made so as to be engaged with the bevel gear 45 on the other and the clutch key 47 via an intermediate clutch member 41. And furthermore, each interlocking side angular part of these clutch keys 42 and 47 is orthogonally mounted and simultaneously a guideway 45b with a slightly angled taper is formed between clutch grooves 45a adjacent to a reversing gear 45.

Honda, Kunihiro
Honda, Yoshihiro
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Publication Date:
February 27, 1989
Filing Date:
August 19, 1987
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B23B31/20; B23Q5/04; (IPC1-7): B23B31/04; B23Q5/04
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