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Japanese Patent JP3830599
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To eliminate the necessity of the specification corresponding to the high-speed rotation of auxiliary machines, and achieve simplification, by connecting a radial piston pump with a motor to each other through a cam chamber and limiting the revolutions of a motor by means of regulating suction of the radial position pump.
SOLUTION: When the revolutions of a pump 5 is increased by the high-speed rotation of an engine E, the discharge amount per stroke of the pump 5 is reduced by the increase of resistance by a throttle passage 17 on the suction side of the pump 5. When the discharge amount Q is the pump 5 is made constant regardless of the revolutions Np of the pump 5 when it exceeds the suction limit point L at the revolutions N1. Moreover, the revolutions of an accessory H connected to one end of the motor 6 are not made to the specified revolutions. Accordingly, since the accessory H is not made into a structure considering a seal and a bearing capable of withstanding the low speed to the high speed, the high temperature, and pressure resistance, the necessity of the specification of the high-speed rotation is eliminated, the price can be drastically reduced, and the reduction of cost can be achieved.

高見 久夫
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October 04, 2006
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January 17, 1997
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F16D31/02; F16H39/06; (IPC1-7): F16D31/02
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後藤 政喜
松田 嘉夫