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Japanese Patent JP3420565
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a rich oxygen gas generator wherein a burner flame tem perature is controlled.
SOLUTION: An electrolytic bath decomposes water into desired amount of hydrogen and oxygen gas through control of an electric circuit. A mixture chamber contains a carbohydrate composition solvent in a selected amount, and further has a margin to receive and contain mixture gas of hydrogen and oxygen fed from the electrolytic bath through a pipe. The pipe is provided with a check valve to prevent a reverse flow of mixture gas and one end immersed in carbohydrate. The pump feeds compressed air in a pump and changes the vaporizing speed of the carbohydrate composition solvent. The burner is provided with a first duct connected to the electrolytic bath and receiving mixture gas of hydrogen and oxygen, and a second duct to receive mixture gas of hydrogen and oxygen and the vaporized carbohydrate composition solvent. By mixing received mixture gas in a selected ratio, flame having temperature desired by a burner is generated.

Lin, Yang Chen
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June 23, 2003
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October 23, 2000
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Lin, Yang Chen
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F23N5/00; B01J7/02; B01J19/00; B01J19/08; C25B1/04; C25B9/00; F23D14/28; F23D14/32; F23D14/52; F23D17/00; F23K5/00; F23L7/00; (IPC1-7): F23N5/00; C25B1/04; C25B9/00; F23D14/32; F23D14/52; F23D17/00; F23L7/00
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竹本 松司 (外5名)