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Japanese Patent JP2007162290
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To provide a ridge ventilator which uses generally applicable ridge support fittings, and can set the necessary number of the ridge support fittings at arbitrary locations thereon irrespective of the increasing number of the ridge ventilators according to increase of the amount of ventilation.

The ridge ventilator 20 is formed of a pair of resin air introducing structures 30 which each include an introducing port 40 formed on a front side facing an opening 83 formed in a ridge 81, for introducing air therein, and a discharge port 42 formed on a rear side, for discharging air introduced to the introducing port; and a waterproof sheet-like connector 70 connected to upper surfaces of the respective air introducing structures to connect the same together. Each air introducing structure is formed of an external frame portion 38 consisting of a pair of side frame bodies 32, 34, and a rear frame body 36 connecting between the same, and exhibiting a U-shaped plan, and a cover body 60 strained over the external frame portion. When the amount of ventilation is increased, the waterproof sheet-like connector is laid over the ventilator in a manner long extending out of the ventilator, and then a similar ventilator adjacent thereto to be added is connected.

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Publication Date:
June 28, 2007
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December 13, 2005
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E04D1/30; E04D13/16
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