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Japanese Patent JP2001009351
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To apply a painting film of a uniform painting film thickness to a part having high unevenness like a joint part of a building material, by sticking a cloth material to the outer surface of a brush material of a roller brush for painting comprising the brush material and a core material, and expandingly sticking an elastic net material to the outer surface of the cloth material.

A roller brush 10 for painting is composed of a core material 11 and a brush material 15, wherein a cloth material 20 is stuck to the outer surface of the brush material 15 and an elastic material 25 is expandingly stuck to the outer surface of the cloth material 20. When this roller brush 10 for painting is used for painting, for example, a building material R comprising brick pattern surfaces having a small rugged surface Ra shallower than a joint part R1, an action of the cloth material 20 can prevent a paint P in the brush material 15 from flowing out in large quantities, in a part having a large difference in level like the joint part R1 as well as in the small rugged surface Ra. At this time, the elastic net material 25 can give an appropriate tensile force to the cloth material 20 to prevent the irregularity of painting and the exudation of the paint caused by the looseness and twist of the cloth material 20.

Mori, Takeo
Kitagawa, Tokio
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Publication Date:
January 16, 2001
Filing Date:
June 30, 1999
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A46B7/10; B05C1/02; B05C17/025; (IPC1-7): B05C17/025; A46B7/10; B05C1/02
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後藤 憲秋 (外1名)